November 17, 2017

UCC Pipette Service Drop Box

Guarantee accuracy, precision and comfort when pipetting with Gilson. Be confident in your results with legendary Gilson PIPETMAN pipettes. Designed for accuracy, precision and reliability. [...]
January 31, 2018

Halo Tool Box Offer

Discover more selectivities with HALO® Fused-Core® and add more tools to your chromatography toolbox! [...]
August 3, 2018

Trade In Your Pipette – Any make or model !

Swap out those old and unwanted pipettes. Upgrade to the standard in precision, accuracy and comfort whilst regaining your cupboard space by trading-in ANY make or model of pipette, working or non working for a new Gilson PIPETMAN L, PIPETMAN G or PIPETMAN Classic. [...]
November 6, 2018

Gilson Fluid News

A full range of single and multi channel pipettes , filter tips, capillary pistons and automated micro-plate pipetting systems [...]