Antec Leyden is a supplier of system solutions using High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) with electrochemical detection. With the development of the DECADE II (2003) and the ALEXYS 100 LC-EC system (2004), Antec Leyden became a supplier of system solutions. Dedicated system solutions for environmental, clinical and pharmaceutical applications are developed with this integrated system for LC-EC.

Products by Antec Scientific

ALEXYS Autosampler AS 110

AS 110 – Fast and robust. Fast, accurate & reproducible. Unique needle concept. Sample pick-up down to 1µL. Cooled sample tray.Well plates or vials.

DECADE Elite – Electrochemical Detector DCC Blue

I’m Sensitive – I’m Impressive – I’m Elite. Most sensitive electrochemical detector. UHPLC & HPLC compatible. Temperature stabilized cell/column compartment. ADF (advance digital filter) to improve […]

SynthesisCell – Bulk Cell for mg Quantities

Complete SynthesisCell, consisting of 80 mL reaction vessel with Tefloncap, WE (Tubular Reticulated Glassy Carbon), RE (HyREF) and AUX electrodes, stir bar, electrode cables, etc., all […]

µ-PrepCell – the Perfect Workhorse

µ-PrepCell Ti, consisting of: µ-PrepCell with mounting brace, spacers, reference electrode (HyRef) and Ti based working electrode for S-S bond reduction.

 ChipCell – Small Flow Rate Applications

ChipCell kit, consisting of three ChipCells in protectivecartridges, ChipCell docking station + frame and electricalconnections to the ROXY Potentiostat


Fast metabolic screening of numerous samples. On-line EC/LC/MS of complex samples. Compatibility with any MS via contact closure. Mimicking oxidative stress/damage of proteins, DNA, lipids, etc. Simulating nature’s […]

ROXY dual channel Potentiostat, high current version, required for optimal use of SynthesisCell

Stand alone or on-line EC/MS. Fully programmable, direct control, scan and activation mode. Large Voltage Range ± 4.9 V. Ideally suited for ChipCell, ReactorCell, µ-prepCell and SynthesisCell.

Clarity Software Single Instrument. incl LC mod.

Clarity software for system control and data acquisition. Fully featured data acquisition software. Up to 4 independent timebases. Multiple instrument control. GLP, 21 CFR part 11 […]

ReactorCell – Universal Starter Cell

ReactorCell kit consisting of: ReactorCell, spacers,reference electrode (HyREF) and working electrodes: Boron Doped Diamond (BDD), Glassy Carbon (GC), Pt and Au(each 1 x).