Suppliers – H to N
Hamilton, founded on the technology of analytical syringes, has evolved with advances in scientific techniques to provide a broad offering of precision fluid measuring devices, robotic fluid measurement products and HPLC columns.

Founded in 1978, Hichrom is dedicated to supplying the highest quality HPLC columns and consumables to the chromatography industry. As Europe’s leading HPLC column manufacturer, the company have gained an unrivalled reputation for excellent quality, competitively priced products and rapid delivery – all backed up with expert technical support and after-sales service.
Hichrom now supply >95% of the world’s leading brands of HPLC columns to laboratories in over 50 countries.


Located in the glass trade centre of Thringen, Glastechnik Grafenroda GmbH produces innovative quality glass products and closures for chromatography, pharmacy and industry, supplying for both the domestic and international market.



Kinesis are specialists in the supply and support of Chromatography Consumables. They are committed to offering their customers a fast efficient service which they believe separates Kinesis from the competition. The ability to work directly with leading manufacturers enables Kinesis to offer very competitive pricing while ensuring that you, the customer, never have to compromise on quality, support or service.


Founded in 1990 as a Private Limited Company are one of the leading manufacturers and distributors for chromatography vials, caps and accessories worldwide. They aim to supply continuously high-quality products, to offer optimal economy, to grant consequent deadlines, to develop innovative and market-orientated products and to support promptly and efficiently our customers in all respects they may require

LC Resources
LC Resources training courses provide comprehensive training in HPLC, LC-MS, MS, bioseparations, and method development. Courses cover troubleshooting systems, system care and maintenance, theory of separation mechanisms, basic separation principles, advanced method development, and the latest cutting-edge techniques. No matter what your level of expertise, we offer a course that’s perfect for you.

MACHEREY-NAGEL, a German company, is a world-leader in development, production and distribution of filters, water analysis, medical tests, and chromatography. Based on this know-how MACHEREY-NAGEL started in 1990 with development and production of a broad range of different DNA/RNA/Protein purification kits based on filter, silica, ultrafiltration membrane, bead material, and gel filtration suitable for manual and automated isolation of nucleic acids on all common laboratory automation workstations.



Millipore Corporation is a global leader in sample preparation technology including sample filtration and chromatographic preparation for chemical and biochemical analysis.  Although scientists have always placed emphasis on the results of analysis, there has been a recent shift of focus to include the preparation stage.  Research and QC testing carried out incorporating chromatography, sample dissolution, mass spectrometry, elemental spectrometry, microscopy, and particle analysis are heavily reliant on sample quality.

Millipore’s analytical sample preparation, filtration, and purification lines remove contaminants prior to instrument analysis, resulting in more accurate and consistent results with an increase in sensitivity.

Some of the innovative sample preparation technologies Millipore has introduced include HPLC Certified, IC, High Particulate Filter and Ultra Low Protein Binding Syringe Filters (Millex). These range from process volumes of 1ml to 100mls.  Millipore offers the largest range of different types of membranes such as Durapore, PES, Nylon, PTFE and many more.  There is also a large range of filter holders from glass to autoclavable holders along with everything else that is needed for filtering your samples prior to analysis.