De-Ashing Kit, PEEK 3.0mmID x 4.6mm

Part Code: AXC-99-1520
Pack Size: 2
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De-Ashing Kit, PEEK 3.0mmID x 4.6mm (includes holder, 2pk de-ashing cartridge)

De-Ashing Flyer

By removing charged molecules that can interfere with analysis, our Deashing Cartridge also keeps the analytical column in its original ligand form, thus extending column life. It also traps particulates that would harm the column and increase back pressure. Transferring that pressure away from the analytical column to the deashing cartridge reduces the chance of over-pressurizing, further extending the life of the analytical column. The ability of the Deashing Cartridge to trap contaminants also reduces the time spent on column maintenance, providing even more time for data analysis.


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