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Enabling confident, high-throughput, automated TD analysis

TD100-xr™ is a high-throughput, automated thermal desorption system for the rapid and unattended processing of up to 100 sample sorbent tubes in a single sequence.

    • Automated, cryogen-free, unattended operation for up to 100 sample tubes.
    • Confidence in results through quantitative sample re-collection of split flows.
    • Inert sample paths and extended temperatures allow quantitative recovery of C2 to C44, including reactive and thermally labile species… from percent to sub-ppt concentrations.
    • Method compliance aided by leak-testing, water management and addition of internal standard.
    • Enhanced traceability of samples using barcodes and RFID TubeTAGs.
    • The short, heated transfer line allows TD100-xr to be installed on all major makes of GC and GC–MS.
    • High-precision parts result in increased robustness.
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