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Think of a Pipette….Whose name do you associate with it?
For decades, GILSON and our legendary PIPETMAN® have been synonymous with pipetting. Nobody knows more about liquid handling than we do and nobody cares more about our pipettes than us.

Who else can you trust to service, calibrate and repair your Gilson pipette to the original specifications that motivated you to purchase it in the first place?

We are the only Pipetman® Manufacturer-Authorised Service Centre in the UK. We deliver the technical expertise and standards that only the original manufacturer can provide. Insist on getting your Gilson pipette serviced where you see the Gilson Service Centre of Excellence or Gilson Seal of Assurance Logo.

Gilson have moved to a new purpose built calibration laboratory


In order to cope with the ever increasing demand for calibration services Gilson have moved their Pipette Calibration Laboratory to a new purpose build facility based in the head office in Luton.  This move is effective from the 11th October 2014.  This strategic move not only supports the recent UKAS accreditation but consolidates all our sales, service and technical functions for even better customer support.

Why choose the Gilson Service Centre of Excellence?

As a liquid handling manufacturer, we believe that the quality of our pipettes must be matched by the quality of our service.

This is why:

  •  All our technical professionals are exclusively trained by skilled Gilson employees that work directly in the manufacturing process.
  • We are UKAS accredited which means this accreditation provides an objective proof that we comply with best practice.
  • Our experts are also professional Instructors for good laboratory pipetting techniques, troubleshooting and daily pipette maintenance.
  • We offer a number of service, calibration and preventative maintenance programmes to support our customers including our InLab™ onsite pipette service clinics.
  • We only use genuine original manufacturer parts when we service and repair your pipette.
  • You can be 100% confident that your pipettes are restored and returned to the original specifications.
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We are trained and able to service the pipettes of Rainin, Eppendorf, CAPP, Hamilton, Socorex, Ovation & Thermo Fisher Brands. Our wealth of expertise and experience provides you with the assurance of being able to send us the majority of pipette brands for quality service, repair and calibration.

Pipette Service Hints and Tips

Whilst we recommend your pipettes are serviced at least every 12 months by our Gilson Service Centre, it is also important that you perform some routine preventative maintenance checks on your Pipetman and understand the different service and calibration levels available.

Our Media Library contains some essential downloads: