Electrochemical Reactors

Antec Electrochemical Reactors

Using Electrochemistry (EC) as a reaction technique before the MS allows the analyst to mimic natures’ REDOX reactions in almost any analytical field. Many chemical and catalytic reactions (wet chemistry, Fenton, etc.) can be mimicked in a controlled manner in the electrochemical cell simply by applying a voltage potential. A large number of biochemical reactions such as enzymatic , micorbial, aquatic, photolytic, etc, can be simulated without biological interferences (e.g. cell matrix, plasma, urine, soil, etc.) and the generated REDOX products can be easily detected by MS, making EC/MS a real biomimetic tool with substantial cost and time savings compared to in-vivo or in–vitro techniques.

ROXY Reactor Systems

Mimicking nature’s redox reactions


  • Fast synthesis of metabolites (µ-preparative)
  • Rapid risk assessments of drug-protein binding
  • Signal enhancement in MS
  • Electrochemical cleavage of proteins/peptides
  • Oxidative stress/damage of proteins, DNA, lipids, etc.


The on-line coupling of Electrochemistry (EC) with LC/MS has shown great potential for the investigation of drug metabolism. It offers fast electrochemical synthesis of drug metabolites for reliable quantification by mass spectrometry (MS) to be operated as a high throughput screening system. The ROXY EC system and the ROXY EC/LC system provide all the tools for EC/MS research.

Reaction Cells & Vessels

Reaction Cells

To cover a broad range of applications e.g., form metabolite synthesis in drug metabolism, disulfide bond reductions in Protein Chemistry, to on-line Nano LC/EC/MS, etc., a variety of different flow cells and reaction vessels are available:



The ROXY EC/(U)HPLC system comes with Clarity software for full instrument control and acquisition. The ROXY Potentiostat, and the ROXY EC system has the Dialogue software for instrument control (incl. control of the syringe pump).