Equipment Spare Parts

Equip Spares

With Agilent spare parts,supplies and accessories, the difference is in the details. All our products have been engineered or selected by our instrument design teams, manufactured to our demanding specifications, and tested under a variety of conditions. This painstaking care — registered to ISO 9001 — ensures that every part will perform at optimal levels.

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Agilent offers a comprehensive portfolio of products for your general chromatography needs, including vials, syringes, gas management supplies, flowmeters, leak detectors, fittings, tools, standards, and more.


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For over 50 years, Agilent has broken new ground with innovations in Gas Chromatography. We continue our tradition of leadership by offering you the industry’s broadest selection of GC and GC/MS columns and supplies. We apply our extensive GC experience to all our products to help you minimize costly downtime. All are manufactured to Agilent’s exact specifications to provide you the most consistent, high quality results.

For the major brands of instruments in your lab, Agilent offers the CrossLab portfolio of high-quality supplies for your GC and HPLC instrument. CrossLab works with Bruker/Varian, CTC, PerkinElmer, Shimadzu, Thermo/Dionex, Waters and more.

Explore the CrossLab GC supplies – including Ultra Inert liners for a robust, reproducible and reliable flow path. By ordering from the name you trust for all your chromatography supplies you can synchronize your lab’s workflow, supply ordering and productivity.


Wondering what the part number is for an essential item? Would you like to visually locate your supplies on a diagram without having to open your instrument? Agilent has the answer.